What We Do

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2D Panels

2D panels can serve as:

  • sun shades,

  • AC unit covers,

  • privacy screens,

  • window grilles,

  • clear cabinet inserts

Our panels are cut on a CNC plasma table so the designs come out precise.  We also powder coat our pieces to ensure they will hold up outdoors.  

3D Panels

In addition to adding texture to interior design, 3D panels also:

  • draw attention to certain areas in a space

  • can be incorporated into signs

  • make excellent alternatives to regular painted accent walls


Our 3D panels are made on a CNC router table and designed to be seamless, no matter the size. Whether abstract, wavy, or scalloped, we have designs to fit plenty of interior design styles.


Retail displays can draw special attention to a sign, best-selling products, or even serve as an invitation to window shoppers.  Lighted solutions also add additional emphasis to certain sections of your space.

Displays can be made from a wide variety of materials and can be attached to a wall or stand alone.  Lacking inspiration? We'd love to see your space to help you come up with the perfect design.