Parade of Homes

PVC Facade | Descrete Door  

Two key parts of the house are clad in dark stained PVC panels with aluminum accents to provide eye catching features from a distance and up close. On the interior is a hidden door, PVC panels were cut in a pattern to hide the seams of the door when fully closed, the inside of the door and adjacent wall were patterned to match as well.

Alamza CPA Firm

The coffee bar for Almanza CPA Firm was giving a more modern look with a 3D hexagonal pattern made from PVC for its water resistance and clean aesthetic.
The hallway wall was adorned with kinetic artwork with a dark walnut background to compliment the interior of the office. The desk spaces were complimented with PVC motivational pieces in black and white to match.

Coffee Bar | Signage

The Firm Plaza

The Staircase was closed in to match the contour of the steps and clad in a golden wood veneer to compliment existing accents and provide a placement for the acrylic building directory. Parking and monument signs are made from carved aluminum paneling with PVC inserts and accents to give depth and color. 

Staircase veneer | Directional signage

CAM Law Offices PLLC

The reception area was given a solid acrylic door with modern wood accents along the connecting wall, as well as an Acrylic sign on the outside wall.
Inside, the walls facing the interior of the building were constructed with acrylic to allow visibility and create a feeling of openness while unifying each office with horizontal accents on the acrylic and desk dividers. 

Reception area | Decorative Partitions | Office dividers

Exterior Private Kitchen

A custom outdoor kitchen clad with IPE wood for weather resistance and beauty with a 3-piece custom metal panel mounted to the exterior for privacy.

Solid wood Veneer | Decorative privacy panel

Battle of Flowers parade

The float was designed to have a range of automatized moving parts that would be completely concealed while functional on a moving vehicle with children.  

Frame fabrication | Mechanical design

St. George Episcopal School

The reception desk was given a 4 foot tall barrier to match the curve of the counter and supported by an acrylic frame suspended from the ceiling. The student desk dividers were made from Polyvinyl chloride pipes and fastened by non destructive methods to ensure easy future removal with no damage to the tables.

Reception shield | Student desk dividers

Four Points Hotel

This project is currently in development

Bar unit | Pantry | Front Desk | Boarding Pass desk