Dedico Design fabricates custom architectural and wayfinding signs for interior and exterior purposes. Signs are used to catch the eye, and peak interest in the viewer. It's crucial to have professional and captivating signage to interest and direct your clients to your company. We pride ourselves with providing high quality signs with a multitude of materials to make the perfect sign for you.


Metal is a super strong and durable material, perfect for withstanding the outdoor elements and other possible hazards. We use a variety of metals such as steel, aluminum and other soft metals, available in multiple finishes and mounting options.

PVC / Acrylic

PVC offers a beautiful clean look while being completely waterproof and lightweight. Great for interior and exterior applications, can be finished in any color and even carved for a 3D texture.

Acrylic is strong and waterproof material that is available in clear that can be carved to to make beautiful see through signs or, with light, create eye catching designs.


Wood makes an excellent choice for interior signs, it is strong, durable, and fitting for any setting, it has a certain beauty that can't be matched by other materials. Wood can be sealed to show its natural color, stained to keep its texture, or painted to be virtually any color. The versatility of wood makes it a wonderful option for creating signs.